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About Us

This organization was formed in 2009 to unite motorcycle enthusiasts who have been convicted of a felony and have been outcast  from society due to our past.
Felony Riders promotes a positive image, not only for us as a group, but for all who are motorcycle enthusiasts and in the community. Felony Riders will honor
comradeship and make relations or bands with other motorcycle clubs or group whether it be by fellowship or by attending any of their  events.

Felony Riders would like to share the experiences of our misfortunes and educate the youth on what it means to be a felon so that they don't make the same mistakes we did. We would also like to help those who have been convicted of a felony. We are not in any way,shape or form going to help or allow  anyone convicted of a sexual crime towards a child or a woman, join this club. Unlike other  motorcycle clubs and groups, we do help the community. We help the community by helping certain convicted felons become a productive member of society. We do that by helping them with the tools needed to become a good member of society, and a provider for their family. We help them with clothes for an interview or work and/or tools that they need for their new job .
We also counsel them on good  work ethics and can even help them  develop a resume. This club is not for those who want to see who has the best looking bike; it is for making a positive difference. This club is not  to see who has the fastest bike, it is for educating members and society on what lead us to become felons and how we are doing our part to help others who have been in our situations. We want to help those who allow us, avoid the situations we have been through, to lead society to know us apart  from how we are  labeled today, as convicted felons. This club is not for those who want to see or compete in which motorcycle group or club has the most members. We don't just give anybody a vest and a patch just because you have a motorcycle. Our vest and patch must be earned.


Our mission is to overcome the stigma of our name. Our sole mission, and our goal is to be one of the most respectful and respected motorcycle clubs in our community. Felony Riders challenges ourselves daily to overcome what the goverment and society has not forgiven us of. The foundation of this organization is not soley based on our name, but based on our TRUST, LOYALTY, RESPECT, DEDICATION, and HONOR.